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Bad UI Design

We all know examples of bad design in software user-interfaces. Today I just remembered some non-IT cases that always amuse me. Mainly because I’m talking about hardware UI design (which is costly to change, so some extra care should be taken) … Continue reading

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My first code contest

Programming challenges are fun! It’s one of those things that you get better with practice and suddenly you are addicted to it. That mental click that make twenty lines of codes shrink to four, finally seeing a O(log(n)) solution in … Continue reading

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Chained FINDSTRs

Now that I learnt that FINDSTR is more flexible than I thought, a quick post on how to apply chained FINDSTR calls. For instance, if you need to search all XPOs that have the words “holiday” and “GBR” (Brazilian localization … Continue reading

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UniqueOcc: a FINDSTR formatter

The UniqueOcc (from unique occurrence) is a command-line tool that parses the output of the FINDSTR tool that we normally use to search XPO files contents (specially files in the Dynamics AX version control repositories, such as Source Depot). The … Continue reading

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Extract T-SQL (SQL Server) statement from Query object

Debugging a faulty QueryRun, Query, QueryBuildDataSource or FormBuildDataSource can be tricky in Dynamics AX 2009. Visualizing data on the Dynamics AX Debugger is cumbersome and using the SQL Trace option is sometimes not enough. The QueryBuildDataSource::toString() method is great to visualize … Continue reading

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