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My first code contest

Programming challenges are fun! It’s one of those things that you get better with practice and suddenly you are addicted to it. That mental click that make twenty lines of codes shrink to four, finally seeing a O(log(n)) solution in … Continue reading

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UniqueOcc: a FINDSTR formatter

The UniqueOcc (from unique occurrence) is a command-line tool that parses the output of the FINDSTR tool that we normally use to search XPO files contents (specially files in the Dynamics AX version control repositories, such as Source Depot). The … Continue reading

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The Monty Hall problem

O problema de Monty Hall é famoso por mostrar como a probabilidade não é intuitiva. O cenário é simples. No show de Monty Hall, ele apresenta três portas (A, B e C). Uma delas possui um prêmio (um carro) e as … Continue reading

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